My kids are probably the last generation to be able to identify this on sight. That’s weird.

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Parsons x Areaware

First Place: Carlos Ng
Little Architect Blocks

Second Place: Whan Choi
Night Guardian

Third Place: Sam Falco
Bottle Axe

Third Place: Aikita Sen
Critter Clips

Wanted Design Show in NYC. May 17-20. 11th Ave between 27th and 28th.

Third place! I’ll find out soon if they go into production with Areaware. Fingers crossed.

Unleash your inner barbarian

Bottle Axe and the rest of the SmallThingsMatter competition will be on display at the Wanted Design Show May 17th through 19th.

Creator: Sam Falco


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Final forms of the BottleAxes are complete. Hopefully soon it will finally be time to unleash our inner barbarians.


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Round two of BottleAxe development

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Cleaned up the Bottle Axes and wrapped them in either 2mm leather cord or some super thin leather strips.

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Skull candles came out great. Turns out that they aren’t going to work for this project, but that’s totally fine. I plan on continuing to explore these forms and maybe I’ll start selling them myself.

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First generation of bottle axes fresh out of the plasma cutter. Slag has been chiseled away.

Ready to pour the first half of the coyote mold

Sketch ideations for the BottleAxe.